Russian bookmakers hope that the Olympic Games and the European Football Championship will be held, and coronavirus epidemic is stopped before the large-scale events.

 This statement was made Darin Denisova, president of SRO BC. According to her, today the bookmakers carefully watching the news on cases of coronavirus disease. It is known that Euro 2020, scheduled for June 12, is a significant event for the whole betting industry as a whole. Due to the great interest on the part of the event fans and sports betting operators are already actively pursuing advertising and marketing campaigns.

 Also, according to Denisova, representatives of the industry to follow the action of the UEFA regarding the dissemination of facts COVID-19. It is noted that it is UEFA takes the final decision to hold a sporting event. On behalf of the betting industry in Russia president hoped the CPO at Euro 2020 held in originally scheduled time. According to her, in case of any changes in BC will be disappointed.

 By the way, the bookmakers Uzbekistan can work legally on the market since 2021.

 From conducted in early March meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee, which is chaired by Alexander Cheferin, it became known that the preparations for Euro 2020 takes place in the operating mode.

 Chapter SRO BC also agreed with the leadership of UEFA that the there is no reason to panic. Today it is necessary to continue to work in accordance with established procedure. It is expected that as a result of the work of WHO in the summer spread of coronavirus is minimized.

 It is also known that the organizing committee of the Olympic Games in Japan at the moment, not considering the transfer or cancellation of the competition. The Olympic Games in this case is scheduled for the period from July to August. For their part, representatives of the betting for the scope of the Olympic Games are the top event of the year.

 Recall, IBIA introduces measures to prevent match-fixing.

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